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Monday, October 26, 2015

Tennessee Wedding Reception

Carrie and Jordan had a wonderful TN wedding reception.

The clasroom for the shop was decorated for the ocasion from top to bottom. Everything looked different. :)

The food was amazing! 

Everyone had lots of fun talking and spending time together! 

As promised the bride went around and took pictures with everyone at the party :)

Of course we had to redecorate their car for them.... 

 caught in the act (they put rice all in the car)
All in all it was a a great time spent with friends and family

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Fabrics/Panels

We got in some new panels/fabrics that you are sure to love!

Here's our new beautiful Fall fabrics:
Ro Gregg Paint Brush Studios
2 different panels that are part of the same fabric line

Celestial Fabric:

Pauline used the above fabric to make this

This minion fabric and panel would be great to make for your child, friend or grandchild who loves Minions.

Coordinate Fabrics

For your son or grandson who loves cars:
This would make the perfect floor mat for driving cars on. 
For the Snoopy lover:

What fabrics do you like the most?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Another Granddaughter Married

On Saturday, Maria's granddaughter; Carrie was married to her fiance Jordan. They had a beautiful and unique wedding! Their wedding took place in Fl at the church where they both met.
All of Carrie's immediate family was in the wedding. James was the ring bearer and Eli was just a cutie attending.
Bride and Groom with the ring bearer James (Maria's oldest great grandson)

Carrie and Andrew (Maria's youngest grandson)

Tim (Jessica's boyfriend), Jessica (Maria's youngest granddaughter), Carrie
Josh (Maria's grandson), Angela(Maria's oldest granddaughter), James and Carrie

Angela and Eli (Maria's great grandson)
The reception was beautiful and everyone had fun dancing and enjoying time with family and friends. :)

Carrie and Jordan will be having another reception in Tennessee, so come back next week to hear all about their TN reception and to see pictures of Maria, customers and staff with the bride and groom!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Gifts for Quilters

Looking for a gift for your friend who's a quilter or a family member who likes to sew? We have many gift choices for your quilter friends and family.....

Check out our socks, we have ones designed by Maria and Solemate socks.
Maria's Quilter Socks

Solemate Socks, they come in many colors

Isn't this owl pin cushion cute? and we also have a box of pins to go with it.

We also have quilt designed jewelry.

We have fairy tweezers and scissors and a cute little bug to use at a light and thread cutter.

Oh, and lets not forget the many different quilt kits we have including a fun paper piecing one and an Americana

This little stuffed owl is a fun gift too:
We also have panels for books to make for children, grandchildren and friends:
For your friend who loves to shop, these reusable shopping bags would be perfect!
Of course you can use your favorite photos or art work to make your quilt, wall hanging or pillow. (Ask us about our fabric maker printing)

and finally, don't forget to pick up your gift tags from us as well!
What are your favorite types of gifts to get for your quilter friends? What would you describe as the best gift for your friend who quilts?

Happy Shopping!