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Monday, October 6, 2014

Quilt Collaboration

So often customers, especially new quilters, will ask us if we belong to a guild or a quilting circle of some type.  The answer will vary depending on which of the girls are in the shop that day.  Pauline has a group of friends she meets with once a month. Jessica is teaching many of her friends on campus how to sew.  Maria, of course, is part of the quilt world at large.  The rest of us are pretty much on our own.

The next question these customers will ask is if we find it beneficial to quilt with a group.  Now for those of us who don't have a group to meet with, this has been a tricky question.  Until just a couple weeks ago, my answer would have been I don't know.

But then I realized something.  The Holloway's group of friends and family is our quilt group.  We are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other.  And often each quilt is a collaboration of ideas.

For instance, take this quilt.....

We have this beautiful monochromatic fabric featuring owls.  But it has been overlooked for a few weeks on the shelf. Amanda wanted to do something to feature it, but what?

Then during a discussion about the quilt Pauline made for her grandson, an idea was born.

We used these fabrics in keeping with the monochromatic theme....

Then made these blocks that Maria had shown us how to do earlier this spring....

And used Pauline's layout concept...

Voila!!!! A quilt of collaboration was born.

Now our beautiful theme fabric is featured in a quilt kit in the shop.

So the answer to all our customer's questions is yes!!!!
We belong to a group of quilters....it's the friends and family of Holloway's Country Home.
And yes, it is beneficial to our quilting. We inspire each other.
And you are part of that group too.  We welcome show and tell customers at the shop and online at both our Facebook page and our blog.